Thursday, 29 August 2013

Second Post: Slowly does it!

It occurred to me yesterday that I may have got some views because I used the "V" word in the title!  Oops - sorry if I mislead anyone out there - at my age I'm no virgin :-S.

Meanwhile - back at the ranch....

Trina's trial today involved a four hour car journey from South Wales, where I had been visiting an old school friend ( "less of the old please" I hear her say), to my home in the Midlands.  After a relatively speedy 45 minutes my youngest son, C and I arrived in Aberystwyth for a much needed a loo stop.  Unfortunately, my life is fairly well ruled by my bladder.  It this point in the day all references to speedy left the day's vocabulary.

Morrison's in Aberystwyth is a very convenient place to stop if not too salubrious and one can also pick up a bottle of wine to take home should the need arise, as it often does with me.  Anyway, having sorted myself out I waited for C to come out of the gents.  And I waited a bit longer and a bit longer still.  Finally he appears, looking a bit peaky and green around the gills, complaining of stomach ache.  Hence he was made to sit on the front with me, (he prefers to sit in the back like the queen) and keep his eyes on the road, instead of the I Pad.

With C clutching a Morrison's carrier as a makeshift sick bag, we continued on our way over the mountains towards Newtown.  Having got stuck behind a large heavy wagon, there was no danger of being caught by the speed police today.  At least it gave us an opportunity to watch out for red kites (feathered variety) and at least C's stomach was given chance to settle but per- lease!  Aagh - it took forever to get up them there mountains and even the sat nav gave up the will to live.

Well, anyone who has ever driven through Newtown before knows that this can never be done at a fair lick.  Fair crawl more like so we stopped for a light lunch and refreshments at Tesco's (I'm either unimaginative with my stopping choices or a skin flint).  They do actually serve a fair cup of tea.

After Newtown I was able to revive the sat nav but after the strange way it directed me to Wales the previous Monday, I wasn't about to trust it's choices.  Why have it on then?  It's because it tells me exactly how long it will be before I get home and this saves C from asking me every 5 minutes of the entire journey.  Worth the money in anyone's book.

Arriving of the outskirts of Shrewsbury I had an hour's journey before arriving home and I could feel my bladder just beginning to make it's presence felt.  Well you know how it goes - the speed at which the cars/tractors/hay waggons in front of you go is inversely proportional to the amount of pressure being applied to one's bladder and by 15 minutes from home I was getting pretty desperate :-S

I say 15 minutes from home but was it heck as like!  Turning the corner I was confronted by a very slow moving lorry, which I speedily overtook just before entering a long 30mph section.  Well it's not that long but in the circumstances....  Eventually back into the final stretch, driving like the wind I was confronted by yet another wobbly tractor - WTF I'm BURSTING! 

Finally I turned into my drive and I was already prepared with my house keys in my hand ready to dive into the house!  Noooooooo!  My lovely elderly neighbour was there cutting my hedge and wanting a blow by blow account of my holidays!  I just couldn't ignore him!  I was finally saved by my other neighbour who came to take my part in the conversation.  Relief.

And then I went shopping and then I mowed the lawn and then I did the washing.  The end.


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