Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Virgin Blogger

Eek!  Well this is a first!  Something I have always wanted to do!

This will be about some of the things I do because I'm interested in them and also about things I do because I have no choice!

This is what I do because it interests me:

1. Run - I have done this for eight years.  I hated this at first but loved the impact that it had - it wasn't long before my calf muscles were thin enough for the first time in 30 years to fit into some long boots.  Yay! and the rest is history!  It's great to be able to eat cake and not look like Miss Piggy (much).

2. Cycle - I have done this for about 4 months, ever since I had to take a break from running.  I rode my first sportive recently and even found my photo in the paper - why oh why don't I look like the professionals - all long and lithe?  No, I have to settle for looking like a little gnome :-S.  So be it - one of Trina's Trials shall we say?

3.  Baking and cooking - I love the tried and trusted recipes but also trying out new stuff.  My friends and I have been known to "pimp my snack"  I.e. take a small item that can be purchased in the shops and make a giant version - my giant party rings made on a pizza baking tray are fab!

4.  Walking - well this is more like baby steps.  I love walking but for one reason and another (small children, no one to go with, blah, blah, blah), I have not done much in recent years but aim to do something about it.

5.  Small bits of knitting and crocheting - a cushion cover is in the offering at the moment - watch this space!

Ok - there will be other stuff that becomes apparent but this is the stuff I do that is not through choice:

1. Single mother to two boys - one is considerably bigger than me and the other is just about to start high school (another Eek- surely my baby is too young for this)!  I did want to be a mother but never intended to do it on my own.

2.  Internet dating - this is worth a book in it's own right - watch this space and I'll give you a summary of the last 18 months experience!  Well not every detail - I like to keep some things private!

3.  Work - groan - we have to do it don't we? If you don't, please don't tell me cos I'll only stick my fingers in my ears and start singing loud. I have had years doing the most boring thing ever but things have recently got interesting and for the first time in a very long time I love it!

4.  Mowing the lawn

5. Shopping

6.  Ironing - zzzzzzzzzz

I'll try not to talk too much about 4, 5 and 6 unless 5 is about clothes shopping and those items that just sing out to me when I least expect it.  That happened to me recently in TK Max when I was there minding my own business when a certain fine knit red cashmere dress (Ralph Lauren) started calling out to me, begging me to try it on.  Hey!  I saved £190 by buying it -  not a bad outlay for £49.

Tomorrow I'll be driving for about 4 hours from South Wales, back home (somewhere in the Midlands) but hopefully I shall have some time to spare to tell you how it went.  Oh - please wish me luck - I have left big son home alone for a couple of days - I do trust him but it will be reassuring to see my house in one piece.  Please God, also  tell me that he has fed the fish, chickens, guinea pig and bad bunny Richard!


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