Tuesday, 3 September 2013


After my eldest son (R) had finished his GCSEs I thought, in my wisdom, that to keep him occupied and out of trouble, he could decorate his bedroom!  What I failed to take into account was his capacity to procrastinate and two months later we are still at the plastering stage!

But hey!  This is progress because for weeks he has been stripping a bit of wall paper here and a bit of wall paper there just adding to it a tiny little bit every time I nagged him to get on with it.

The worst thing about it was that he never picked up the fallen bits that landed on his carpet meaning that every time he left his room a trail of wall paper bits would follow him wherever he went!  All down the stairs, all into the bathroom and finally finding its way into my kitchen!  Aaagh - well why can't it just find it's way into my bin!???

So now the plasterer has been and one ceiling and two walls have been successfully plastered.  Hooray because I couldn't bear to see that 1970s woodchip of my walls and ceiling any longer.  Tomorrow the job will be complete and we will all be relieved because the all of Rs possessions and furniture are strewn around the house.  Even the poor miserable looking fish has three jigsaws and a meccano set piled up on top of his tank.

Well I'm going to have to apologise for a short blog today - after having my old coil removed (ouch) and the new one in (don't worry I'm not going to give you a blow by blow account), I am feeling a little out of sorts!


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