Monday, 2 September 2013

Sleep Deprived :-(

It all started on Thursday night when I couldn't get to sleep and knowing I had a party to prepare for the next day and a cake to bake I thought I'd better get to bed on time, even though I wasn't particularly sleepy.

Normally I'll drop off as soon as my head touches the pillow so I knew I was in trouble when half an hour later I was still lying there twiddling my toes.  I thought I might be dropping off when suddenly I remembered that my car needed it's MOT and feeling certain I wouldn't remember again in the morning I got up to write it down.  Try again .... twiddle toes... remember this time that I had to get Aunty A's Birthday card!  Damn... up again...write it down!  Aagh - I was wide awake by this time so read some more of my Rosie Thomas book.  Then I think I'm getting sleepy so turn out the lights and try once more.  Hmmmm... twiddle toes....think I need the toilet!  Double damn.. get up and go down stairs to the loo (I'm in the attic room) ...come back up and try again.  I think it was well past 4.30 by the time I got to sleep and I was wide awake again by 7!  Aaagh - what's the matter with me?

Friday night I felt much better and blissfully achieved the requisite 8 hours sleep but Saturday and Sunday it was insomniacs anonymous again :-(.  If you read my previous posts you may have remembered that my loud snoring friend disturbed my Saturday slumbers but what on earth was I doing wide awake at 4.30 again this morning???  There was no snoring, nothing to remember and I didn't even need a wee!  There was nothing for it but get to work early, knowing that I could finish early if I did.  As if!  Having returned from a week's holiday the inbox loomed particularly large - groan!

Well, I'm thoroughly pooped now so please do excuse my rambles!  Tonight I'm going to take some Nytol and everything will be hunky-dory in the morning!  Well, for me it will be - my boys are back to school tomorrow - one starting high school for the first time and the other starting his A level course.  Son no. 1 is doing A levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology!  Surely he can't be related to me!  How did that happen??  Oh yes - his dad has a chemistry degree - knew it was nothing to do with me (ardent social scientist that I am).

TTFN ... zzzzzzzzzzzz

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