Sunday, 8 September 2013

Saturday night out...

Saturday night:

Three large white wine and sodas;
2 cocktails (Long Island Iced Tea and Lemon Cheesecake);
A schmirnoff ice (can't spell);
A shot (thought to be Jaeger Bomb);
1 lemonade;
1 large glass of water.

Sunday morning:

1 fuzzy head;
3 large cups of coffee.

Why do I do it?  I don't know :-(

Actually I do know!  It's because my friend and I have had a difficult couple of years and last night my friend (H) needed some cheering up, hence we don our glad rags and head off into town pretending we're 21 again!  I can at least tell you that we're not the only ones.  In our little town in the middle of the country there are many 40 somethings having a good time and even heading off into cocktail bars and night clubs!  It's grab a granny night and these days, I've suddenly realised - I'm the granny :-S.  For some reason it doesn't stop the younger lads (trying) to chat us up and our ego is boosted for a few more weeks when we will feel the need to do it all over again.

Oh I do love a good cocktail!  There's this bar in town does the most amazing ones and it's a good job we only go in about once a month because you need a whole month's salary to afford them! 

It almost makes the following dodgy Sunday feel worth it.  If only I could sleep in!  Not for me!  It doesn't matter that I roll in after 1am, I'm still wide awake (if not bushy tailed) by 6:45am! 

I wonder if I could be charged with being drunk in charge of a lawn mower?


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