Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rainbow Cake

Last night I stayed at my friend's house in Crewe.  On the way over I dropped my youngest son's friend (O) back home on the way - they had had a sleepover.   On the journey little O explained to me that he liked baking and when I deposited him back with his folks he came running back out of his house clutching a cake wrapped in silver foil, which he had baked especially for my son's birthday.  "Lovely" I exclaimed - "I'll give that to C tomorrow"

Well I dutifully looked after that cake as it came with me on my travels and when I returned home this afternoon C was delighted to open his little cakey parcel.  Wow!  What a sight for saw eyes!  A perfect rainbow Swiss roll cake to rival  Joseph's Technicolour Dream Coat!
C ate the red end (see picky below) and can now be located hovering approximately 3 inches from the living room ceiling!

Last night whilst staying in Crewe my friend and I found a fab little Indian restaurant.  Really good value once I had had the menu translated.  Now, I do know my Korma from my Jalfrezi but I had trouble distinguishing between:
  • Tandoori Mixed Grill
  • Mixed Tandoori Platter
  • Tandoori Mix
  • Tandoori Mixamatosis  (OK so it wasn't that but you get the picture)!
I can't remember which I had but is was really great nonetheless and it came with Pilau rice and a vegetable curry sauce.  Rounded off nicely with a lovely little Chilean Merlot :-)

I've already mentioned in a previous post that I can't eat all this and maintain my non Miss Piggy proportions without some sort of exercise to mitigate it so today I have been for both a walk and a run (halo shining).  The walk was around Queen's Park in  Crewe, whereas the run (5.5 miles) was upon my return to Stafford.  Queen's Park has these adult "Gym-Style" equipment in it so friend dutifully watched like a proud parent, whilst I tested everything out. I tried really hard not to let the outrage show on my face as a little boy occupied the running machine, taking away all the fun from the adults! OK - it was just me!

Having not slept too well the night before (friend snores - loudly) I wasn't much in the mood for a run so I took it nice and gently, averaging just over 10 minute miles, chewing a few dextrose sweets along the way to try and prevent myself from lying down on the kerbside and dozing off!  Result!  Over 500 calories burnt :-D  Go me! Go me!

Time to scape C off the ceiling now and try and get him into the swing of earlier bed times in readiness for the start of term....


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