Thursday, 5 September 2013

A Kindle for me!

Tonight my good friend J has leant me his kindle because he never uses it - not only that, he had downloaded over 300 books for me to read!  Someone please point me in the direction of the nearest beach/sunny pool side because that's where I need to be for the next 12 months, catching up on them all!  If I could just have someone to pass me the occasional bacon roll, cuppa tea or Bacardi and coke then I could wish for nothing more.  Bliss!

I've now got to work out how to use it but it probably won't take me long to work it out.  I'm not as into my gadgets as my younger brother and my sons are but then again I'm not as techno unsavvy as my mum (now 70).

The family and me are trying to get mum a bit more into Internet usage and the only way to do it is little and often.  Give her too much information and it doesn't sink in but leave it too long and she's forgotten how easy it is!  Having said that there's nothing mum likes better than picking up bargains from charity and antiques shops and if she actually understood how Ebay works she'll either become bankrupt or Britain's highest paid pensioner!

Seriously though it does concern me that so much business is done online these days that those who do not realise the benefits or simply are not able to understand how it all works will get left behind both economically as well as socially.

So what shall I read on "my" kindle?  Will it be a bit of Ian McEwan?  or shall I plummet to the depths of Fifty Shades of Grey?  Watch this space and I'll let you know.


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